Goodbye Dad. I love you.

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My father passed on in December 2020 of lung cancer. You can view his obituary here:

Phil Daggar’s Obituary

Droid 2 System Scripts

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The smartphone allows one to vast amounts of time wherever you go. No longer must you converse with people around you when you can facebook people you vaguely remember from college.

It also lets you tinker with a computer wherever you are. Android phones are eminantly hackable. The Scripter App, for instance, lets you generate, download and execute shell-level scripts for anything you would like.

Take these two scripts, for example. The first one remounts the Droid2 System Directory as writable (for installing nonstandard apps, removing unwanted ones and other things). The second one mounts it back into read-only mode for normal use– many programs will not run at all unless the /system directory is locked into read-only mode.

These scripts as for the Droid 2 only and should only be used at your own risk. They are provided as is and I take no responsibility for their use. Seriously any script you use be cross-checked against reliable sources.

Mount Droid 2 /System directory as writable:

Mount Droid 2 /System directory as read-only:

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MBX Viewer

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Every once in awhile, I need to dig through my old mail archives to find something. Back then I used Eudora, and I’ve got over ten years of email in that program’s .MBX format. I’d rather look through the archives without having to install and set up a full copy of Eudora, and fortunately I found a slim little program called MBX Viewer by Don Roberts.

And then I lost it. After a system reinstall, I didn’t carry it over. So today when I needed to dig through my archives, I went to download it again. Couldn’t find it. Don’s old site seems to be down, however, and the only Google listings on the program are a bunch of linkfarms that all link to his dead site.

After more digging, I found a copy of it at a mirror of Don’s old site at Now that I’ve found it, I’ll leave it here for anyone else who needs it.

Download MBX Viewer 1.0 By Don Roberts

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Imageshack right-click works with Firefox 3.5

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Just in case you were wondering

Imageshack right-click for Firefox 3

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Let’s make one thing clear.

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Michael Leigeber writes some of the finest javascript you can find, including the finest javascript dropdown menu known to humankind. If more dropdowns were written like this, they wouldn’t have a bad reputation. If you look at his Sandbox, you can see how to set it up in just about any configuration you’d want.

wuauclt.exe /DetectNow

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That’s the command to make trigger Windows Update without wading through Microsoft’s update site. Useful when running the laptop that might not be on when the update is scheduled.

Start Button > Run > wuauclt.exe /DetectNow

This blog is in danger of becoming my scratch pad.

The Quick and Dirty Color Tester

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This has been around for a couple weeks, but I thought I’d mention it here. It’s a page meant to let you inspect colors and fonts inside a functioning browser. I made it for some graphic designers I work with, who were disappointed that their Photoshop-chosen colors did not translate consistently to the web. This allows them, and you, to test out font sizes, faces, and color/background color combinations for visibility.

At some point I will add an overlay that allows you to (roughly) simulate a PC screen on a Macintosh, and vice versa.

The Quick and Dirty Color Tester

Update: I’ve added the Mac/PC simulators. They’re very crude, but they should give you a rough idea of the color transformation between the OS’s.

Imageshack right-click for Firefox 3

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This is a hack of the Imageshack rightclick upload add-on to make it work with Firefox 3. The automatic updating no longer works, but everything else does.

You cannot install from here. Right-click the link and select “save as,” then drag the link onto your firefox browser window.

Imageshack Right-click for Firefox 3.

Changes from the original: removed the update tag in the .RDF file, increased the version number in the .RDF file. That’s it.

We’re back.

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When you change the database password, change the WP config file too.


There is this.

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The Next Big Species

Yes I’m too lazy to find another skin.