Droid 2 System Scripts

The smartphone allows one to vast amounts of time wherever you go. No longer must you converse with people around you when you can facebook people you vaguely remember from college.

It also lets you tinker with a computer wherever you are. Android phones are eminantly hackable. The Scripter App, for instance, lets you generate, download and execute shell-level scripts for anything you would like.

Take these two scripts, for example. The first one remounts the Droid2 System Directory as writable (for installing nonstandard apps, removing unwanted ones and other things). The second one mounts it back into read-only mode for normal use– many programs will not run at all unless the /system directory is locked into read-only mode.

These scripts as for the Droid 2 only and should only be used at your own risk. They are provided as is and I take no responsibility for their use. Seriously any script you use be cross-checked against reliable sources.

Mount Droid 2 /System directory as writable:

Mount Droid 2 /System directory as read-only:

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