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Every once in awhile, I need to dig through my old mail archives to find something. Back then I used Eudora, and I’ve got over ten years of email in that program’s .MBX format. I’d rather look through the archives without having to install and set up a full copy of Eudora, and fortunately I found a slim little program called MBX Viewer by Don Roberts.

And then I lost it. After a system reinstall, I didn’t carry it over. So today when I needed to dig through my archives, I went to download it again. Couldn’t find it. Don’s old site seems to be down, however, and the only Google listings on the program are a bunch of linkfarms that all link to his dead site.

After more digging, I found a copy of it at a mirror of Don’s old site at archive.org. Now that I’ve found it, I’ll leave it here for anyone else who needs it.

Download MBX Viewer 1.0 By Don Roberts

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3 Responses to “MBX Viewer”

  1. Loren Amelang says:

    Is this really working for you? I installed it under Win7 and am getting rather random “invalid procedure call” and “not found” errors, sometimes several opening a single mailbox. Sometimes it will show 300+ or 500+ message mailboxes, though some messages might be missing, I haven’t tried to verify. Other times it will stop at eleven or thirty or some tiny fraction of the messages in a mailbox. These are all Eudora 7.1 (I think) mbx files. Too bad – I had high hopes…

  2. Daggar says:

    I ran it under Windows XP and it ran fine. It feels like it was coded in the pre-XP days, though. You might have better luck running it under compatibility mode, if available.

    Also, what “not found” errors did you get? It might require some visual basic runtime or something similar.

  3. TA says:

    Ran it under Win 7 x64 SP1 with no problems.
    You need write permissions for the location of the MBX files.

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